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Look, I’ve finally got specs appeal

By Nuala McKeever

I got new glasses this week, so I've been noticing other people's a lot. Mine are ultra light and rimless.

On the plus side, I hardly know I'm wearing them. On the minus side, I've a sneaking feeling they make me look like Sarah Palin.

Now, I chose the frames specifically because they were almost invisible. I'm of an age where glasses were not a trendy fashion accessory growing up.

I still carry the scars (not to mention the therapy bills) of years of being called “speccy”, “four eyes” and “John Boy” to name but a few.

So I don't like to shout about my face furniture.

But I accept that for younger women, very obvious glasses are now considered cool and attractive. However, I do think a line has to be drawn somewhere and I think I've just found that somewhere — Gwyneth Paltrow. When she appears in a huge ugly plastic pair of glasses, identical to the ones that Brains wore in Thunderbirds, she's just taking the p*ss.

What she's saying is: “Look at me! I'm so gorgeous I have to wear something this hideous to bring myself down to the level of normal beauty.”

Bitter? Twisted? Moi? Honestly, if that's how you see me, maybe you need your eyes tested

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