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Make it a sight to remember

By Nuala McKeever

Now, I’m not saying I know much about tourism or marketing but even I think there’s something they’re missing down at that Titanic Signature Project.

Last week the Audit Office announced it would have to attract 300,000 visitors a year to be profitable. The Titanic Project that is, not the Audit Office. I doubt The Audit Office would attract that many visitors, even in a good year. It never sank.

Two days later Titanic Project announced that 30,000 tickets had been sold already for the gig and it hasn’t even opened yet.

But surely, if they really want to guarantee high levels of interest and repeat business, there’s one display they simply have to have in place.

What Titanic exhibition could be worth its salt without a large, life-sized cartoon of Leonardo and Kate in ‘that’ pose, with holes where their faces should be, so visitors can stick their bakes through, posing as the film’s heroic leads?

Tacky, you say? Hey! Don’t knock it til y’ve tried it, I say. You can keep yer holograms and yer full scale replicas and yer CGI. What people really want is a souvenir photo with their own shiny face on top of a cartoon body.

That’s okay, I don’t expect money for such a great idea. Just glad to help

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