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Making up your own truth is the way to go, honestly!

By Nuala McKeever

There is a line from The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron that I try to keep to the forefront of my mind: "Leap and the net will appear."

If in doubt, when something's scary, I remember this encouragement and it works.

Because you can always leap.

To prove the point once, I leapt off the top board at Queen's diving pool, which, for someone like me with a crippling fear of heights, was little short of a miracle.

I was petrified the whole time. And that was the amazing thing. I had such freedom afterwards when I realised I'd done something even though I was terrified. In fact, I did it BECAUSE I was terrified. I was afraid AND I did it! I realised that you don't have to wait for the fear to disappear in order to do something.

So, what's all this got to do with the price of eggs?

Well, after last week, I have been hovering around the bread board waiting for more voices to tell me what to do. But all I've heard was the sound of the knife scraping most of the butter I've just put on to the toast, off the toast again.

So, no voice telling me what to write about this week.

And then, a daft thought occured: "Why don't y' tell them about the text?"

"Nah, I couldn't do that!" I protested. "Why not?" I inquired. "Because they might think I was stupid," I replied. "Leap anyway," I said. So. Here goes.

I sent my friend a text the other night saying that I'd had a lovely message from the person whose personality I have been allowing to cause me a lot of angst recently. I said this person had texted me thanking me for all I'd done and admitting they were wrong and asking forgiveness!

All good, except... it's not true. I made it up. I created it.

But the upshot for me was that in creating this "alternative" reality, I felt great! Just the positive words, written, expressed, were enough.

I don't need this person to behave in any way, it's all about how I respond, perceive, let it in. Wow! And I can make it up anyway I want. It doesn't have to be "true". What is "true" anyway? Almost all our "reality" is created by us in our words anyway.

"He gave me a funny look." "Yer woman's a real pain in the neck." "I'm never gonna get this done in time." "I'm fed up".

We think our words are describing "the truth", but actually, they are creating OUR truth. Because almost every single thing is subjective. Down to how we respond.

He probably didn't give you a funny look at all! Maybe he was suppressing wind.

In the absence of facts we make stuff up all the time! We create our reality in language. So why not make it up positively?

This is not the same as living in denial. It's an act of creation just for the sake of it and it lets you be the creator, rather than always the person who has things done to them. And from that sensation, other positives flow. Try it. It might seem silly or scary or daft. But try it. Trust that it'll work even though you've no idea HOW it could possibly work. Leap and the net will appear.

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