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Malala is a true hero to celebrate on Twelfth

By Nuala McKeever

Isn't it amazing to have such a great thing to celebrate on the 12th of July? I'm referring of course to that great victory. You know, the one where the young school girl defied attempts by the Taliban to kill her and has now become a global symbol of hope and determination in the face of tyranny?


Malala. The UN has announced that 12th July is Malala Day. It's her 16th birthday this year.

She hit the headlines last year when she survived being shot by those forward-looking bastions of freedom, the Taliban, for defying their ban on girls going to school.

She nearly died for the right to be educated. And the UN has been listening to her plea that free education should be compulsory for all children.

It's that darned word "perspective" again. Over here we're beakin' off and moaning about school. Over there, they're risking their lives to learn.

Here's hoping her mission succeeds. And even more, here's hoping that their hard-earned education results in greater tolerance and understanding.

Just imagine – a system of education where all children learn together in tolerance. Where differences are celebrated and diversity considered interesting, not threatening.

Wow. If they ever achieve that over there, I wonder would they come over here and show us how it's done ...

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