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Maybe they'll give us something to cheer about at the next G8

By Nuala McKeever

Sales of petrol have dropped by 20% in the last five years.

Some of that's due to drivers switching to diesel or buying smaller cars, but a lot of it's down to the cost. As everyone knows, you have to keep your eye on the meter when filling the tank, as the numbers fly round so fast now it's easy to spend more than you intended.

The ridiculously high price of fuel is in part down to speculators – people whose only job is to buy and sell commodities they'll never actually see or use, simply to make money.

It's bad enough when it comes to fuel, but it also happens on basic foods like wheat and rice.

When the G8 leaders meet in Enniskillen's Lough Erne resort, might they find time to discuss the morality of this sort of life-threatening trading?

Couldn't Barack and Angela decide to ban or limit this "money for money's sake" business and put the interests of the many in front of the perks of the few for a change?

We tend to sigh resignedly when prices rise. But this time we could actually do more than sigh. We could go down to Enniskillen and tell the world leaders what we think.

Better start saving for the petrol now.

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