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Modern society needs knuckles rapped for attitude to women

By Nuala McKeever

I'd never heard of rapper Rick Ross until I read that Reebok had dropped him from ads for their trainers.

The company responded to protests by the group Ultraviolet, which rapped the rapper for lyrics in one of his songs, about giving a woman the drug MDMA (the 'date rape' drug), taking her home and enjoying it while "she didn't even know it".

He said the lyrics had been misinterpreted and he didn't condone rape. Reebok dropped him anyway. He'll not be crying too much, I'm sure, given that most of his records have gone gold and one was Grammy-nominated.

The scary thing is that while Reebok decided he was unsavoury, millions of young people obviously think he's great.

While the G8 leaders announce that their top priority is to crack down on sexual assaults by soldiers in time of war, over in peace time US of A, songs that promote the treating of women as sex objects are sold without restraint.

Soldiers in war don't suddenly decide it's okay to rape. They get that attitude from the society they live in. Never mind poor under-developed Africa, it's the 'developed' West that's tolerating an appalling attitude to women. The G8 might want to look at sorting out the peace never mind the war.

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