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Mortgage offer makes me nostalgic

By Nuala McKeever

Got a leaflet through the door the other day from a local bank asking if I’d like to have a mortgage with them. Wow!

It’s been so long since I’ve seen anything like that, it was like finding a photo of an old acquaintence you’d forgotten you ever knew.

Mortgages, how quaint! Remember when all we used to get were ads, leaflets and billboards pounding us with better deals, great offers, can’t-do-better-than-us enticements?

As I stood in the kitchen reading the leaflet, I became quite carried away with excitement reading those long unheard phrases. Fixed term. Base rate tracker. Low start repayments. Aahhh the good old days.

Maybe people will actually be allowed to borrow money again soon. Maybe houses will sell and all those For Sale signs that have stood so long they’re falling apart with weather-rot, will be transformed into SOLD signs.

Oh, stop, I’ve come over all nostalgic now. I’ll be getting out my old Endowment Policy documents at this rate

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