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Naked games would be pure gold

By Nuala McKeever

When the Ancient Greeks started the Olympics way back when, women weren't allowed to compete or even to spectate.

Mostly because women weren't considered full citizens but partly because the men competed in the nude. In fact, the ancient Greek word for "exercise" apparently means to be stark naked.

Back then competitors came from far and wide to compete for a simple garland of laurel leaves.

There was one winner in each sport, no silver or bronze. And no sponsorship.

Obviously not, where would they display their logos if they were in the buff?

I suppose they could have had tattoos but what if they had changed sponsors?

Ok, it would be easy enough to turn Nike into Mike but what the heck would you do with Adidas or Tommy Hilfiger?

I'm sure there'd be plenty of people who'd like to see a return to the ancient Greek values this summer.

There are a lot of very good looking athletes competing. Viewing figures would rise if the ladies 100m was run sans lycra. As for the men's hurdles? Ouch!

But it won't happen.

Besides the "decency" concerns, the individuals competing might be doing it for glory, just like their predecessors at Olympia.

But the sponsors are only chasing one goal - profit.


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