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No car cover for us creatives

By Nuala McKeever

Big furore over the cost of car insurance in NI. Hurray! For years the insurance world has been getting away with ridiculous gradings of potential risk.

When my car insurance company discovered years ago that I was the Nuala McKeever who appeared on TV, they refused to cover me at all. For years my brokers have told me that only one company will offer me any cover. Apparently, if you’re in the entertainment business you pose a huge risk. They make no distinction between me and Elton John. I haven’t even BEEN on TV for years but try telling anyone in the la-la insurance world that. When I queried this I was told with a straight face that musicians and artists are all the same high risk because “they’d be so busy thinking creative thoughts, they’d forget to lock their cars”!

I hope it works but, realistically, what’s the risk of the big companies actually being made to charge less? Not a lot.

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