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No Cliff at Christmas is a real blessing

By Nuala McKeever

Reasons to be Cheerful: talk of the Fiscal Cliff in American politics has pushed the real Cliff off our screens and radios for a while, so that's good. Give me the fiscal one anytime, at least it doesn't do a silly pointy finger in the air dance every time it sings.

The world didn't end last Friday. Or did it? Is this the after life? Is this heaven? Fire in the grate, food on the table, family around, friends to laugh with, time to enjoy easy travel on city roads without hindrance for a few days. Yes, this is heaven.

The nights are on the turn and it won't be long before we'll be suckin' our teeth and sayin', "There's a fair stretch in the evenings now", SUCK "Aye...." SUCK.

There's only one sleep until Christmas. And there's a bed to sleep in. For this and all these other blessings, we can be glad and cheerful. Happy Christmas.


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