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No need to feel down in the mouth if you’re skint

By Nuala McKeever

I thought I’d raided every last possible source of extra income when I cashed in my small ISA last year.

I’d sold off my Woolwich shares years before that. (There goes my membership of the Socialist Workers Party.) And cashed in my life assurance. And used up the remortgage.

But now I was down to brass tacks. No more wells to dip into. I’d need a fairy godmother to help me now.

And lo, it came to pass! A Tooth Fairy godmother appeared. My friend told me she’d taken a gold filling to one of those We Buy Gold shops and they’d given her cash! Even though the tooth was still attached!

Despair ye not, comrades! There’s gold in them thar gobs! Friday night in a well-heeled bar, lots of laughin’, spot the gold glinting in their molars, coupla rounds of shots, quick tap with a hammer, out they come, wee taste of filler, lovely job!


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