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No sign of festive slump for Jen

By Nuala McKeever

That social media has a lot to answer for. Just when you thought it was acceptable to spend the "lull" days between Boxing Day and New Year in an indolent slump, you are assaulted on all sides by images and postings of people climbing mountains, going cycling in the mud, swimming in freezing water and generally being fit and energetic instead of slobs.

And then you go online and see photos of skinny celebs sunning themselves in the Caribbean. I don't mind Jennifer Aniston, but I don't want to see her svelte bikini body frolicking in the surf with her toned fiancee just as I'm deciding whether or not having a third mince pie with cream is a tad greedy.

This past week is meant to be a bubble where we close the curtains, switch off reality, stock up on fancy food and drink and let ourselves live in the world of imagination via films and games and lots of dreaming sleep. I don't want to know that you climbed Kilimanjaro, before breakfasting with wild elephants, and are reading Dostoyevsky in Spanish. I climbed out of bed before breakfasting with Call the Midwife on iPlayer and reading the fat content of a packet of crisps. But you won't hear ME telling the world about it!


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