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Now my smartphone gets stupid calls

By Nuala McKeever

If I check out a website online, two minutes later they're putting ads all over my browsing windows.

If I am late with a library book, I get an email.

If I buy certain products, I'm sent vouchers offering me money off those products next time I shop.

Everything I do and look at and browse is monitored by smart computers.

So why is it that I've had over a dozen phone calls in the past fortnight (three in one afternoon) from my mobile phone provider and from the chain where I bought my last phone, telling me I'm due an upgrade, even though each time I've told them I WILL do something about it and requested that they make a note on my file to stop calling me? How come they can't monitor THAT request?

"Would you like an upgrade?" "Would you like an upgrade?" Yes, I would like an upgrade. To being left in peace.

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