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Now that the snow has arrived, maybe we should just hibernate, if you get my drift

By Nuala McKeever

At the time of writing this, the snow is falling but, unlike Lance Armstrong, it isn't lying.

But, by the time you read this, the country will have been brought to its knees by a couple of inches. I'm fantasising now about Operation Standstill being adversely affected by Operation Take That y'Miserable Non-Contributing Thugs, or a heavy snowfall as it's better known.

TV's rubbish, I'm too broke to go out and spend money to help our beleaguered traders, so idle fantasising about the weather cramping the style of a small group of nobodies is what passes for entertainment round here.

Pathetic, I know. But then I belong to the school of thought that believes January should be a month where everyone is off work and simply engaged in sleeping, eating, drinking and generally waiting out the darkness til spring starts to appear. Does anything good ever happen in January? Let's just cancel it. February's bound to be better.


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