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Nuala McKeever: A little bit of appreciation can go a long way

Over the years I’ve hosted, spoken at and attended many, many awards ceremonies; events held to recognise all sorts of people from actors and artists, to construction companies, voluntary organisations, hanging basket growers and foster carers.

And if I was ever tempted to be a bit sniffy about some of them, that pomposity was pricked one time when I was handing out prizes to school dinner ladies and I suddenly realised that I, who has never won anything, would be absolutely thrilled to get an award, voted for by my peers.

And that’s what matters. Never mind the winning, what people really value is being acknowledged.

Acknowledgment isn’t something we’re brought up to do here. We’re quick to criticise but not to praise each other when things don’t go wrong.

There’ll always be something to complain about, but there can never be too much acknowledgment.

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