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Nuala McKeever: Are they keeping us in the dark?

Boston College is to store all the sensitive information about decommissioning here for the next 30 years. Can't help hearing the words of Sergeant Wilson in Dad's Army when Capt Mainwaring would suggest something that you just knew would be a disaster, “Do you think that's WISE, sir?”

Boston College are the ones who are possibly going to hand over interviews done with IRA members, that were only supposed to come out when they were dead. Like Brendan Hughes, known as The Dark. ( I imagine them interviewing him with a camera and saying, “Come forward a bit, step into the light, The Dark.”)

Now Dolours Price's interview is being asked for by the PSNI. It could all come out yet. So good luck with the de-commissioning stuff. Sure I've a bit of space in my filing cabinet at home, do yiz not wanna stick the papers in there? Just as safe and it'd save a fortune in postage, wha'?

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