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Nuala McKeever: Crystal balls and brass necks so predictable at this time of year

At this time of year, I always wonder what happens to those psychics who predict what’s going to happen in the coming 12 months.

Does anyone go back to them at the end of the year and say, “So, Gordon Brown was going to win the election and we were going to have a barbecue summer, were we?”

Mind you, never mind holding them to account, we don’t even hold our politicians responsible when they tell us what’s going to happen and then it blatantly doesn’t. When they declare an end to double-jobbing and then renege. When they say No to Tory cuts and then implement them. When they promise no rise in student fees, then raise them.

Never mind the exotic women with the crystal balls, it’s the un-trustworthy men with the brass necks we need to watch out for.

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