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Nuala McKeever: Cupcakes - over-priced, over-hyped and over here

I have a question. Cupcakes. Why? What am I missing? Aren’t they just small sponge buns with a wee bit of icing on the top?

How come they’re suddenly everywhere and being sold at exorbitant prices?

Two quid fifty for a wee bun? They have to be the biggest rip-off since Hoover offered us free flights to America.

Which is where they came from, of course. They were popularised by being featured on Sex And The City, apparently.

Should we expect an influx of rather equine-featured actresses, too ?

On the plus side, the buns are a normal size, in contrast to the fashion for massive muffins and super-sized scones that has swept the nation in recent years.

A cupcake wouldn’t feed a family of four. Mind you, it would take a family of four to be earning like an NI barrister, to feed a cupcake habit.

Extra small, expensive and everywhere. They truly are the Victoria (sponge) Beckham of buns.

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