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Nuala McKeever: Glad sexist scribes from a bygone era are toast

If you need a good cringe, get your hands on an old newspaper and read it cover to cover.

I did just that the other day when a friend showed me a copy of the Sunday World from 1983.

My jaw has only just come off the ground now. I remember 1983 pretty well. I was 18 years of age.

I thought the world was fairly sophisticated. Now I realise we were living in the dark ages.

Under the headline ‘Plenty of Crumpet’, Gay Byrne writes about the glamorous women at a film premiere. “Swedish crumpet is in this year, in a big way.”

And, “As one drooled, thinking of the grazing, (GRAZING?!?!) the gorgeousness came at you from all over”

That’s topped only by this, a synopsis in the TV listings of a Joanne Woodward movie: “ a sensitive character study of a frigid woman ... Ms Woodward is good at this sort of thing, not that she looks like one herself”.

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