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Nuala McKeever: Honesty... a unique concept for shirt logos

Two years ago Kate Moss was criticised for saying “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”.

It was feared that upon hearing her words, hordes of teenage girls would emulate Moss by stopping eating, becoming anorexic and turning into drug-taking supermodels. (It must be noted that KM has obviously never tasted a Tayto Cheese ‘n’ Onion sandwich on white bread with real butter and tomato sauce).

Now the phrase has been resurrected and stuck on T-shirts which are on sale online, for children and babies.

Cue more uproar. But as tasteless slogans and brandings on clothes go, it’s at least upfront about its lack of taste.

How refreshing it would be if other big brand logos could be replaced with words that more honestly reflect the owner’s sentiments.

So, in place of the small polo pony, there’d be a discreet line saying: “Quite well off but rather insecure about my individuality so feel the need to display my aspirations via my outer garments. PS. Have you seen my car”?

Meanwhile for lots of the other well-known sports brands, much favoured by the Hop-Skip-And-A-Lie-On-The-Sofa sportsmen and women of our country, who proudly represent their tribes every weekend at a shopping centre fast food outlet near you, |perhaps just a small, rather thick-looking sheep and a “Baaaaa.” would suffice.

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