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Nuala McKeever: IDB flushed our cash down the toilet

The IDB spent nearly £2m of our money, leasing buildings for 19 years that they never used. That's £90,000 a year.

That's three very good salaries a year. That's empty premises that could've been used. I don't know the ins and outs of it, but whatever way it's told, the story still stinks.

What bugs me is that this money doesn't come off a “broad back”. Does no one ever just say “No” to this ridiculous waste?

Maybe some direct accountability in the salaries of the people running public bodies would make a difference. Nothing encourages change quite like feeling the pinch — like last week, when I realised I was about to run out of loo roll and I became very careful with my usage.

So, to that rather cheesy saying, “Dance like no one's watching, love like there's no tomorrow” I'd add, “Wipe like you're down to your last two sheets and spend like it's coming out of your wages.”

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