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Nuala McKeever: Is Jordan’s Alex no longer in touch with his feminine side?

I know times have changed and it’s great that men are in touch with their feminine side and all that, but honestly what have we come to when you can read a statement like this in a Sunday tabloid and be expected to take it seriously?

It concerns Jordan’s husband, Alex Reid, who’s reportedly a bit depressed about the state of his marriage.

According to one of his ‘friends’, the way they recognise that the cage fighter has sunk into a low state is as follows: “He’s stopped shaving his body and has grown some hair — which he only does when he’s in a very bad place”.

Some people pick up a razor when they’re very depressed. He puts his down.

What are we saying here — is body hair now proof that you’ve lost the will to live?

If so, shouldn’t someone consider taking Russell Brand into care, if only for his own safety?

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