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Nuala McKeever: It’s time to stage a mutiny over pirate DVDs

What would you say if someone came up to you outside HMV with a clutch of DVDs, told you he'd just nicked them and offered to sell them to you for a couple of pounds?

If your response is to think, ‘Great! Can I place orders for the ones I'd really like to see?’ then maybe you should stop reading now and consider that you have criminal propensities.

However, I imagine most of you would say, ‘No! I'm not taking stolen goods!’

So why is it that so many normally law-abiding citizens seem happy to buy pirate DVDs? It's theft!

The only difference between a pirate DVD and a stolen DVD is the euphemistic name of the first.

I've been (perhaps naively) shocked at the casual acceptance of this by people I'd have assumed would know better.

And when you ask them if they don't think it's theft they generally smile sheepishly and offer that time-(dis)honoured defence, ‘Och, I know ...’

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