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Nuala McKeever: Joanne Salley photos may be art but not as we knew it

Sometimes y'read stories and can't help thinking that the juicier side of life has really passed you by.

Boys at Harrow public school have been circulating topless pics of their art teacher. The fact that she's ex-Miss Northern Ireland Joanne Salley adds a touch of local interest, as if the sight of her nearly naked wasn't interesting enough.

The photos are tasteful shots, taken by another female teacher.

Contradictory reports state that Ms Salley's been “harrowed” by the whole experience and that she hasn't been bothered at all.

Makes me think back to my days as a student of art at our school.

I dropped the subject after third year, but even so, I can recall enough to know that a) there was no one taking tasteful snaps of our teachers and b) if there was, they weren't shown around to or by us and c) if they had been, I'm not sure who'd've been more harrowed, the teachers or us, for having to look at them semi-nude. No offence, but there were no Miss NI types on our staff, that I can remember.

At least the Harrow snaps answer one age-old question: “Yes but is it art?” with a resounding, “maybe not, but it's definitely the art teacher.”

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