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Nuala McKeever: Kate Middleton and Prince William are a Brit of all right

What is it about the newest royal couple that has the public being so kind towards them?

Wills and Kate came and flipped pancakes at Belfast City Hall and no-one said: “What a couple of tossers.”

Is it because they're good looking?

If Kate Middleton resembled Susan Boyle on a bad day, would people have rushed to offer her handshakes and flowers and babies to kiss? Who knows?

As it was, they came, they tossed, they conquered.

Seems we're being conquered all over the shop these days by things English.

Kate and Wills have been, The Queen's coming soon (ok, to the South, but still, it's close) and now we hear the Queen of posh shops, Waitrose, is coming, too.

My goodness, it's almost as if we were part of the UK. Oh, sorry, we are. I forgot.

It's easy to forget when you have this sort of phone call with a man from an England-based company, about a credit card payment that has been rejected.

Me: “Why was it rejected? It was only for £13.99.”

English Bloke: “Yeah, I dunno, maybe it's cos it was off-shore, foreign.”

Me: “Offshore? Aren't you based in the UK?”

Him: “Oh yeah, WE are, but you're ”

Me: “We're British as Finchley mate. Mrs Thatcher said so.”

Him: “Eh ...”

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