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Nuala McKeever: Lookin’ For A Girl? Lookin’ for dig in bake more like...

So Andy Gray and Richard Keys get sacked for talking about women as if they were thick objects whose only role is to be pretty and want to give sex on demand.

They got the sack for that sort of attitude because it is deemed ludicrously out of date. They are ‘dinosaurs’, whose day is past.

No self-respecting young man would even dream of thinking like that nowadays.

So how come Radio 2 has a single of the week from Teddy Thompson called Lookin’ For A Girl, being played day in, day out, that out-Gray’n’Keyses the old men who talk balls? The first time I heard the song I presumed it was a track from years ago.

I thought: ‘Wow, they’d never get away with writing such old-fashioned sexist c*** nowadays’ Then the song ended and I discovered it’s a new release!

What’s so bad about it? Judge for yourself... According to Teddy, he’s: “Lookin’ for a girl who drinks and smokes and takes a lot of drugs and can take a joke, who won’t scream and shout when I disappear for weeks like a roustabout, who’s good in bed, who knows when it’s time to knock it on the head, who’s easy on the eye but not so f****** stupid that it makes me want to cry...”

Lookin’ For A girl?

Lookin’ for a dig in the bake more like.

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