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Nuala McKeever: Move over gypsies, here comes a really controversial wedding

Channel 4 has just announced its next controversial series — My Big Fat Royal Wedding.

TV bosses reckon millions will tune in to gasp at the showy tackiness of it all, with 1,900 guests invited, half of whom are said to be close family and friends. (Yeah right, who has 950 family and friends? They’re all just there for the free booze and the chance to be on telly.)

Of course, the show already has its critics. Some of the aristocracy, that hugely misunderstood section of society, who live mostly rent-free on land that they took without asking, are complaining that the cameras will portray members of the First Class travel community in an unfavourable light.

“We’ll be shown as wasters and spongers as usual,” said Lady M (56), who declined to give her full name.

Speaking at the front door of her immobile home, Lady M, who has never worked, added: “Why shouldn’t the young ones have their big day the way they want it? They’re not paying for it so wouldn’t they be mad not to rip the a**e out of it? We just want to be left alone to do things with horses and speak with funny accents.

“By the way, would you have a couple of thousand pounds spare? The driveway needs done?”

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