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Nuala McKeever: Nadine Coyle’s accent is out of this world, so it is

Congratulations to Nadine Coyle on winning the Most Glamorous Female at the NI Glamour Awards, held in Belfast this week. (No, I wasn’t invited either...)

Apparently she was hoping to make a speech but there was no-one on hand to translate what she said into English.

Gerry Anderson tried, but even he was stumped by some of Nad’s more strangulated vowel sounds, which appear to come from a place that lies equidistant from the Guildhall Square and the Empire State Building, via Justplainweirdsville.

Her voice really is the Eighth Wonder of the World, because you listen to it and go, “I wonder where the heck she gets that accent from?!?!”

Her new “sungle” (that’s “single” in English) is aveilllllible frum Tiesco’s (Tesco’s) an’ ut’s (it’s) cowilled (called) “Un-See-Ish-uble” (Insatiable), so it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slaggin’ her off, I’m genuinely fascinated by how she speaks.

I’d have given anything to have been there when she was introduced to Northern Ireland Ambassador of the Year, Graeme McDowell. I can just hear them happily swapping unusual dipthongs all night long.

Nadine is often accused of being too thin, but I hope her single is as successful as she says it will be — I wouldn’t want to see her trying to eat her words.

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