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Nuala McKeever: Nigella’s bang on trend ...

Domestic goddess? Aquatic devil. Nigella How-Would-You-Like-To-Lick-My-Spoon Lawson has been spotted doing her |impression of The Penguin from the Batman films in the sea at Bondi Beach.

Dressed from head to toe in a voluminous black garment, including hood with baseball cap worn under it, she frolicked with a friend in the surf like a woman who didn’t give a damn what anyone thought about her |appearance. Probably because she doesn’t give a damn.

There was a time when women in business suits, walking to work in the city wearing big chunky trainers on their feet, looked outlandish and ridiculous.

Now — it’s practically de rigeur to team your LBD with your MBTs (if you don’t know what these mean, you’re just SO last year darling! Little black dress and, eh, MBTs are those shoes that make you rock back and forth, toning your legs as you go, not sure what the letters stand for )

I reckon Nigella, far from being a weirdo, is in fact a trend-setter before her time. She is covering up to save her porcelain complexion.

We all know skin damage from exposure to the sun can be deadly. I’m sure it’s only a |matter of time before we embrace the ‘pale is pretty’ approach, ditch the Tango-glow and start swapping our itsy-|bitsies for biggy-wiggies.

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