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Nuala McKeever: No wonder I’m hacked off with this new phone

I haven't paid a lot of attention to the News Of The World phone-hacking saga, mostly because I reckon they're all doing it anyway and partly because there's no chance I'm one of the people being hacked so I've nothing to sweat about.

But when it comes to illegality on the phone, I took a step closer to it myself this week.

My new landline phones came with an instruction booklet so thick I quailed at the sight of it.

But I struggled through it and I think I'm now qualified to teach Basic Telecommunications and fly light aircraft.

It also told me how to record phone conversations. Wow! Just tap in a few keys and you're James Bond! Cool!

However, it does state clearly that you must inform the other person that you're recording. So now when you ring me you'll hear a message saying, “your call may be recorded for training purposes”.

That's right, I'm training to be a nosy git.

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