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Nuala McKeever: Province has a fine bunch of prize guys

Derry is to host the Turner Prize in 2013. Immediately, past winners spring to mind.

The man whose “art” was a light switch going on and off; Tracy Emin’s messy bed and Damien Hirst’s half a dead cow in a solution of formaldehyde.

Makes me wonder if we could come up with something to rival those famous entries. We could submit an Northern Ireand piece of art, drawing on our own unique approach to life in our wee Province.

While people panic with uncertainty about losing their jobs, our Executive dithers about producing a budget to make things clear. So perhaps the Executive might be a good entry — half dead and no solution.

Filthy sheets that make you feel grubby just looking at them?

Wouldn’t several of our local Sunday papers fit that bill?

And for our own take on the on-off light bulb — something flashy that has no obvious purpose ... have you watched Daybreak recently?

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