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Nuala McKeever: Rank hairdo seems bent on world domination

I’m not the quickest at spotting new trends in fashion, so forgive me if I’m telling you something you’ve known for ages.

But have you noticed the sort of haircuts much favoured by young men and boys these days?

The hair all brushed forward to surround the face in an irritatingly studied, casual way, held in place with a ton of hair spray?

They’re everywhere. Unfortunately, not only does this style make me want to grab them and push the blow-dried locks back off their faces, it’s also given rise to a physical gesture that I knew I recognised, but couldn’t quite place. Then the penny dropped.

In order to keep their fringes from completely covering their eyes, young men everywhere are smoothing their bangs across their foreheads in one slow swipe. And where is this gesture familiar from? Hitler!

Yikes! Let’s hope the behaviour imitation stops there.

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