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Nuala McKeever: Some royal lessons from King’s Speech

I really will make an effort to see the new Colin Firth film - The King’s Speech - if only to satisfy my curiosity about how on earth such a subject could make a gripping film.

But the whole idea of the king stammering got me thinking and I realised that it wasn’t only he who had problems expressing things.

The current batch of royals seems to have enormous difficulty in saying the simplest of phrases too, like, oh, off the top of my head: “Oh look, there’s a fox, let’s just take a photo of it!” or “Guess what! I did well in my exams!” or “Yes, my hat and coat ARE rather fashionable, aren’t they?”

As for Prince Philip, I’m sure a few of his courtiers would wish that he did have a stammer, so that they could head him off at the pass every time they heard him about to insult Johnny Foreigner.

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