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Nuala McKeever: That sounds plane crazy, Charles

Prince Charles, champion of the environment, has announced that he’ll fly to the US in a couple of weeks’ time in a private jet belonging to a friend.

He’s doing it to save money. Last time he went Stateside he got a BA scheduled flight from Heathrow.

So, are we to understand that it costs less to fly privately than to go on a big airplane with loads of other passengers?

If so, why aren’t the rest of us taking a leaf out of HRH’s book and doing the same thing? Stupid us! What have we been thinking, splurging thousands on ordinary flights when we could’ve been jetting more cheaply on our mate’s private craft.

Well, I for one fully intend to do my bit and only fly ‘Mate’s Airlines’ from now on. What’s that you say about it hardly being terribly environmentally friendly? Oh don’t be such a spoilsport! Now, where did I leave Stelios’ phone number?

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