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Nuala McKeever: What a song and dance about Beyonce's baby

Just a typical new family then. The Carters, that is. I mean Beyoncé and her hubby Jay Z. Hey, y'all dig who I'm talkin' 'bout, straight up?

Years ago Carly Simon wrote a song called The Carter Family, but they weren't nuthin' like this new phenomenon.

What's happened is, they've just gone and had themselves a little baby and, according to reports in the media, the proud parents have been doing what any proud parents would do in the circumstances.

First they checked out of the multi-million dollar birthing suite and took the wee chile home in a customised Mercedes van. Then they put her in her new $20,000 crib (that's a cot to you and me) and then Mom went shopping for the best magazine offers for photos of the critter while Daddy immediately whipped out a recorder, taped the baby's coos and breathing and promptly wrote and published a song celebrating her birth, all within 48 hours of her appearing in the world.

She's called Blue Ivy Carter, by the way, in case y'all ain't totally down wit' da newz. Maybe we can look forward to Beyoncé doing a follow-up to her smash hit record (see how down with the kidz I am?!) All The Single Ladies. Can't wait to hear “All The Sleep-Deprived-Married-With-A-New-Baby Ladies”.

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