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Nuala McKeever: Why George Galloway shouldn’t replace Gerry Adams

Danny Morrison suggests that George Galloway might be a good replacement for Gerry Adams as the MP for West Belfast.

He says people there are good at thinking “outside the box” and then goes on to list George’s selling points as an ability to tear strips off the establishment and bring up the subjects of collusion and the murder of Pat Finucane.

The idea that a constituency would need an outsider to represent it says a lot about how much respect Danny Morrison has for the people of West Belfast.

If the main purpose of the next election is to find and elect someone who’s good at beating a loud drum about what went wrong in the past, great.

If it’s about electing someone who wants to instil pride and confidence and self-respect in their constituents, then milk lapping George is not the cat for the job.

Real respect isn’t about persistently reminding people of their own victimhood.

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