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Nuala McKeever: Why our fat nation should maybe go Hungary

According to the latest edition of The Lonely Planet, the UK is addicted to junk food and celebrities, spending more on ready-meals and junk food than all the other European countries put together.

In some cases, the junk food and celebrity come together. Stephen Nolan is doing a tv documentary about how being overweight is bad for him, hoping that this message will encourage others to eat less and move more.

If only it had been aired sooner, the 76-stone family of three from England might not have cost the NHS £1.2m in treatments for obesity.

The son was 20 stone because the mother couldn’t bear to hear him cry so she fed him constantly.

I was in Budapest last week and was struck by how unalike people here, the people there are.

As I walked through the city centre, there were a load of Orange men (Dutch football supporters) and a parade with drums banging, but apart from that it was very different to downtown NI.

Took me a while to realise that not only was it the language, the sunshine and the architecture that set it apart, but rather, the distinct absence of hoardes of overweight people.

Maybe there’s a lesson for us all it’s not a sin to be Hungary.

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