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Oprah's big spending side is in the bag

By Nuala McKeever

After allegedly being told by a white shop assistant in an expensive handbag store in Zurich that she couldn't afford one of their products, Oprah Winfrey might consider making a new film called Pretty Racist.

Along the lines of the scene in Pretty Woman, where the snooty Rodeo Drive shop assistants turn down Julia Roberts' character's business 'cos she doesn't look wealthy, Oprah could return to the shop with a camera crew behind her and be recorded telling the cringing assistant, "Big mistake. BIG mistake!" before flouncing out with the £22,500 handbag under her oxter.

She could. But it kinda begs the question ... why is she interested in handbags that sell for £22,500 anyway?

She's into meditation and spirituality. She is hugely altruistic. She understands that she is not just a body and a bank balance.

So why would she want to patronise a joint that places such value on mere bags?

Pretty pointless.

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