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Oscar is leaving Jamie on starting blocks

By Nuala McKeever

Jamie Bryson must be wishing he lived in South Africa. Or that he was an Olympic athlete.

Compare his treatment to that of Oscar Pistorius. (Is it just me or does that name always sound like the first line of a comedy song..?)

Jamie's charged with encouraging or assisting offences and taking part in an un-notified procession. He's just been released on bail with strict conditions. Can't leave his house overnight, can't visit Belfast and can't talk to the Press.

Oscar's charged with murdering his girlfriend by shooting her dead at close range and he's just announced that he may travel to Russia to compete in some world class athletics this summer.

Talk about feeling hard done by. I'm off to the City Hall to protest. If Oscar can go as far east as Moscow, then our Jamie should at least be allowed to the edge of Ballyhackamore.

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