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Our future doesn't lie in the past

By Nuala McKeever

Here, I've just had a brainwave! Reading about all the contentious issues in Norn Iron over the past few days – marching, not marching, bonfires, attacks on police officers, attacks on attackers, arguing over who started it all and what people should or shouldn't be allowed to commemorate – I think I have a solution. Really.

Given that one of the most common refrains here is how useless our politicians are, how most of them just want to rehash the past and how we don't have decent people representing those who want to live in the now, why don't we have two different sets of politics? Two houses of representatives. The Past House and the Present/Future House.

Then those who wish can pontificate all they like about what happened before and whose fault it all was in the Past House and those who have fresh ideas about how to create an exciting society can actually get on with it.

The Past House can get a few pounds to keep them in tea and biscuits and CDs by Dana and The True Blue Kick The Pope Loyal Flute Band, and the real money can be given to the others. The only rule is, in the House of the Present/Future, there is no reference allowed to the Past. What's not to like about that? Everybody happy.

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