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Pee-brained poster campaign by Harvey Nicks just doesn’t ad up

By Nuala McKeever

Maybe there really is no such thing as “bad” publicity.

Perhaps having people talking about your shop is enough, doesn’t matter if they’re saying positive or negative things. Maybe. But I doubt it.

The posh retailer Harvey Nicks, normally synonymous with expensive, tasteful fashion and the beautiful people, has just backfired spectacularly with its latest billboard ads.

They show a woman in one and a man in another, each of whom has obviously wet their pants.

The strapline says, ‘Harvey Nicks Sale, Try to contain your excitement’.

Presumably the brains behind the gross-out poster thought it was funny. I’m not sure it is. It’s actually just rather unattractive and off-putting.

An advertisement is supposed to make you want to buy the product. But a pair of wee-stained trousers certainly doesn’t yell, “Buy me!” to me.

I’ll avoid the sale.

This is one time I’d rather be left high and dry.

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