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Perfect pint glass that shattered my illusions

By Nuala McKeever

It's easy to get the wrong end of the stick when glancing at headlines quickly.

The other day I saw 'Virgin alerts infected customers' and immediately thought 'Brothel, men, STD'. Turns out it was about computers.

Similarly, the headline 'Massive black hole swallows up star' conjured in my mind a picture of Liam Neeson disappearing into his home town. (C'mon, don't take offence, it's only a wee joke.)

So when I saw the headline, 'Perfect pint glass invented' I innocently assumed they'd developed a glass to keep beer cold. Wrong.

What's perfect about it is that it's made of tough glass which doesn't crack, but shatters into pieces when broken.

"Ah," I thought, "that'll be for all the bar staff who have to deal with glasses that crack when stacked." Wrong again.

It's actually been invented to help prevent the 87,000 glassing attacks that happen every year, scarring thousands and costing millions.

Hmmm ... I think I prefer MY world.

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