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Picasso 'thief' was not a bright spark

By Nuala McKeever

A French electrician has been accused of stealing art by Picasso.

The 75-year-old man says the artist gave him the paintings over 40 years ago. So what did he do?

He stored them in his garage and it was only when he took them to Paris to be authenticated that their existence came to light. I found an old shopping list under my bedroom carpet that was put there nearly 20 years ago. It says, "To get: milk, mushrooms, a life, cheese." I don't need to go to Paris for authentication, I know that's mine. Still working on the life bit ...

Take a deep breath and learn to relax

In the time it takes to read this short piece of one hundred words, you'll have breathed in and out around four or five times. I know, I counted it.

But until breath was mentioned, chances are you won't even have been aware of it happening. It takes care of itself.

And sometimes it's useful to bring your awareness to it, even briefly, like that, in the middle of all that's going on.

Like the eclipse, breathing is a reminder that we don't have to make life happen. It's happening anyway. So just chill the digger and relax.

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