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Poppy disrespect is Strictly dancing on the graves of dead

By Nuala McKeever

It’s a supreme irony that the poppy, a symbol of respect for those who made the “supreme sacrifice” of giving their lives so that we could live in freedom, should have become a symbol of force and no freedom.

From employees being told to cover up poppies “in case you offend someone”, to BBC television executives making every presenter wear a poppy whether they want to or not, this simple remembrance of the fight for freedom has become a tool of fascism.

To see dancers on Strictly Come Dancing wearing large floppy poppies, such as Scott Maslen and Natalie Lowe, pinned to their skimpy costumes was tasteless in the extreme.

Do the words, “time and place” mean nothing to the BBC executives who’ve handed down this ridiculous decree?

I applaud Margaret Ritchie’s comments that it’s important to show respect to individuals. That doesn’t mean you condone war. Could we be less black and white, stop seeing red and just let it be?

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