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Put a dress on it, Beyonce

By Nuala McKeever

I know I'm an old fart but really.... when did young women suddenly decide that the perfect look for a night out was under-age hooker?

Because I'm doing a show in Belfast, I've seen late night city centre "revellers" in droves this past week and I've been beyond shocked. I know people have been banging on about it for years, but when you see it in the flesh, and there's LOTS of flesh, it really is sickening. Wee girls in bare legs and arms in sub-zero temperatures, trying to walk in huge platform and heel shoes, pretty faces plastered in horrible mask-like make up, all trying to look like Cheryl Cole or Beyonce.

Do wee lads even like this look? It just screams "I'm submissive and stupid and haven't a brain and no opinions on anything and all I want is to be like someone else but I'm not even sure why!!!" Are we happy to be breeding a generation of airheads?

I'm so angry that these "role models" can get away with implying that behaving like a tramp with no self-respect is cool. Don't they ever stop and question their role? Shame on them for portraying females as sex machines without a thought in their heads beyond clothes and pleasing their man. I despair.

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