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Put your foot down, Mrs Huhne

By Nuala McKeever

Who drives the car in most couples? There seem to be different rules for different occasions.

When it’s daylight, the car is swanky and the couple cares about status symbols, the husband has to be the one behind the wheel.

When it’s dark, the car is swanky and the couple have been to a party far from home, then it’s de rigueur for the wife to forgo a drink and taxi the husband home.

That’s okay. He doesn’t mind being emasculated if he’s had a few sherries first.

But what if the car’s been driven and it’s swanky and it’s spotted speeding? Who’s behind the wheel then? Should it be the man or the woman?

The Chris Huhne affair throws up such questions of etiquette. How far should a wife go to be subservient to her husband? Not very, is the answer.

To paraphrase an old saying, “If it’s you in the seat, take the heat.”

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