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Sam Cam's Comic Relief effort is no joke

By Nuala McKeever

I used to like Comic Relief. It's funnier than Children In Need and it doesn't have Terry Wogan being cringey for the camera. It's the cool version of the marathon fund-raiser and even the hipster types are happy to be associated with it.

It's all about the children after all, isn't it? Here in the UK and in the developing world, too. Funnily enough, if David Cameron's cuts to public spending and his new bedroom tax continue unabated, parts of the UK will resemble the developing world.

Maybe that's his plan, so he can cut aid to foreign countries, claiming that we need it more than they.

Whatever his thinking, you've got to marvel at the gall of the man and his wife Samantha, and at the idiocy of Comic Relief for using Sam Cam as a promoter of the charity.

She's featured in a photo, baking cakes with her children, in their tax payer-funded kitchen at No 10, while her millionaire husband systematically forces families with children out of their own homes. I know the British are famous for their irony, but this is one joke too far. Richard Curtis, what were you thinking?

What next?

Netanyahu's wife baking cakes for Palestine? Never mind the nose, this has made it Red Face Day.

Not funny.

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