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Scrooge is alive and well and making a fortune from poorest in our society

By Nuala McKeever

If Dickens were alive I imagine he’d be writing about the horrendous modern day equivalent of Scrooge and Gradgrind — individuals building their lives on the misery of others. I imagine he’d be targeting the latest incarnation of Old Nick — payday loan companies.

Is there a lower form of life than the wealthy getting wealthier by picking off the scraps of meat from the bones of the poor? Vultures in expensive suits, given carte blanche by the government to entice and mislead desperate people into spiralling debt and misery.

Adam Beecroft. Heard of him? Venture capitalist. Author of an independent report into employment practices. Recommends stimulating economic growth by removing lots of basic laws protecting workers’ rights. So we get cheaper labour. So people can’t afford to pay their bills. So they take out exorbitant loans from companies like, oh, off the top of my head, Wonga. Wonga — a company in which Adam Beecroft’s company owns large stock.

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