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Show some faith in integrated education

By Nuala McKeever

I'm still amazed that we have segregated education here.

Going back to first principles, why does it exist? To educate children in the faith of their parents?

Okay. So, it's a right for parents to have their children educated in a particular faith's ethos?

So, if that's important, why doesn't the same approach pertain in other areas? Why not segregated swimming pools, where for Catholics the Hail Mary is said every hour and for Protestants a hymn is played through the changing room Tannoy every five minutes?

Ludicrous? Why? If you believe your child's religious welfare depends on him or her spending eight hours a day in a particular ethos, why not insist on that ethos for the other hours?

But, if you accept the principle that religious belief doesn't have to permeate EVERY SINGLE aspect of your child's life, then why insist on it for school, when it clearly creates division?

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