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Sick joke is on us on St Patrick’s Day

By Nuala McKeever

American clothing chain, Urban Outfitters, has been heavily criticised for selling a baseball cap with a stick man on the front. Under the title Irish Yoga, the figure is on all fours, throwing up, above the legend, The Downward Facing Up-Chuck.

How dare they slur us like this? And coming up to St Patrick’s day too — a time when so many of our young people want nothing more than to revere their patron saint by getting into the spirit of the day. Or the beer or the cider or whatever’s going cheap at their local supermarket off licence.

I hope our young students reject such patronising merchandise and keep their dignity by sticking to the time-honoured headgear of large furry green leprechaun hat or green white and gold viking helmet, in acrylic, with bells.

We don’t need some retail giant to make us look stupid. We can handle that all on our own, thanks.

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